Worli Sea Face- The Essence of Mumbai

Worli Sea face was one of the seven islands that created Mumbai. It hosts the all famous Haji Ali Dargah that is built on a rock in the sea. This is connected to the main land by a natural causeway and can be accessed only at low tide. The Worli sea face is one of Mumbai’s most famous tourist destination and much loved among the locals as well. A number of people come here with friends and family for their morning and evening walks. It is a picturesque place when high waves lash the promenade at high tide. It is the live example of the achievements of the Indian engineers and a reason to proud. Such a bridge is first ever in the country that connects far away to lands with a bridge standing over the sea. It connects two busy places of Mumbai that are Bandra and Worli and has reduced the travelling time. It has recently built and emerged out as one of the major tourist attractions among the visitors. Travelling through the bridge is not free though, so you need to pay a toll fee to use the sea link.

Worli Sea face was primarily a fishing village which has now evolved to become one of Mumbai’s busiest commercial destinations. Worli Sea face being a part of South Bombay is bound to become a commercial centre. Many offices have been set up there since the early 70’s. Big brands in the likes of TATA, HDFC Bank and also multinationals like Deloitte have their base here. Many people travelled for over an hour to reach their workplace. There would bottle neck traffic on the roads of Mumbai as every morning numerous people travelled from the suburbs. The government soon realized this and went about to build one of India’s most challenging projects. The Bandra Worli Sea faces Link! With this, the time to reach Worli Sea face from the suburbs reduced from 25 minutes to about 7 minutes. Not only this, but due to the sea face link Worli Sea face saw a greater rise in commercialization as well as residential properties. These residential properties have been there since the beginning. But with the dawn of the BWSL, Worli Sea face turned into such a fancy location that it has become home to most of the rich and famous. Many builders have followed this trend and are building some of the most exuberant apartments in Worli Sea face.

Worli Sea face is commercialized on one end and has luxury oozing on the other. The houses here mostly belong to the biggies of Bollywood or the established businessmen. They are fully equipped with state- of- the- art security systems, clubhouses, gyms, swimming pools and every other luxury possible to appeal to the most affluent people of Mumbai. This Worli Sea face place sets a new benchmark with its cuisine and banqueting solutions. It has 4 plush banquet halls and an outdoor zone, which can be used individually or in a combined mode. The superb banquet hall sets a perfect mood for a wedding. It offers extravagant multi-cuisine menus for every type of appetite. What makes the venue astonishing is the competent and experienced service of the catering staff that assists you whenever required.

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