Welcome to Chowpatty Beach Mumbai

Located right in the city’s heart, the Chowpatty Beach is a place where you can hear the real heartbeats of Mumbai. Chowpatty is the most famous beach in Mumbai and to know why, you need to keep an evening free for making a trip. At daytime Chowpatty Beach serves as resting place for unemployed who need some space to breathe free and reorganize their future plans to get rid of days of struggle. But when the sky darkens and the streetlights are switched on, Chowpatty Beach reveals its soul. It turns into a carnival venue with varieties of activities going on all over the vast sandy surface. You can find kids enjoying time making rounds on ferris, local hawkers selling toys and household items to ‘upper-class’ people and food stalls serving local delicacies like pao bhaji and bhelpuri to gastronomists belonging to all classes of the society. If you are in doubt about present situation and future, just choose an astrologers from many offering suggestions to customers and show your hand to the ‘expert’ to know what lines on your palm say.

Chowpatty Beach is a perfect place to hangout for people of all ages and hence if you are travelling with family, it is the right venue for you. Allow the juniors to have joy rides on the ferris, give your spouse the green signal to do some shopping and refresh yourself with these delicious snacks or simply, the refreshing sea breeze. The list of tourist attractions in Mumbai gets quite long when one tries to make it but when you are making don’t hesitate to provide Chowpatty with the top slot. The Gateway of India, Haji Ali, Bollywood, the Elephanta Caves, Juhu and the beaches are surely places worth visiting but to know Mumbai from the heart, you need to spend an evening at the Chowpatty Beach. This is a no brainer! The all beaches of Mumbai are a huge attraction and Chowpatty beach happens to be one of the most exciting ones. Day tours in Mumbai are incomplete without spending your evening at Chowpatty beach, savouring the delicious street food and watching the sun go down.

Chowpatty Beach is a man made beach at the northern end of the famous Marine Drive of South Mumbai or SOBO. Most of the people visit this beach primarily in the evenings. Its ‘Chat’ is a famous delicacy across Mumbai, which attracts a lot of people who come here to sample it. Chowpatty famous beach is no place for a sun bathe or a dip. In reality, there is not much going on at Chowpatty at all during the daytime, but in the evening, it develops a magical atmosphere. Since the locals come to wander among and the vendors like balloon sellers, nut vendors and beach entertainers. Eating bhelpuri at the collection of garishly lit stalls on the edge of the beach at night is an essential piece of the Mumbai experience, as is getting a energetic massage from a malish-wallah. Chowpatty is also a great place to watch the annual Ganesh Chaturthi Festival celebration in the month August/September when large images of the elephant-headed god are submerged in the murky sea.

How to Reach:

Chowpatty beach is easily accessible from the airport. The nearest railway station to Chowpatty is Charni road. You can also get down at Church gate. One can also board the train from Vile Parle and it’s going to take around 20 minutes to reach your destination.

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