Kanheri Caves Mumbai

The city of Mumbai itself is located on an island due to which it is abounded by natural attractions. However, this is not restricted to beaches that allure several tourists every year. In fact, there are some unique and tempting Kanheri caves and a national park, which are worth exploring.

Kanheri Caves is situated deep in the lush green forests of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the western outskirts of Mumbai, north of Borivli. Their serenity and moreover calming environment make it feel like you have entered into a different era. These caves are cut from basaltic rock and moreover are breathtaking.42 km from the city of Mumbai are the Kanheri caves, an area surrounded by rich hills and valleys.

This spot is recognized for its unequaled architecture. The majority of historians recognize that the Kanheri caves were formed during the times between 200 BC and 600 AD. There are a total of one hundred and nine caves with bed-like constructions made out of stone plinth. Dagoba, a type of Buddhist shrine is additionally an engaging feature of this particular area. This shrine is made to stand by gigantic support beams crafted from the rock. Due to these amazing things, the Kanheri caves are recognized as among the world’s greatest religious areas.


  • The national park of Kanheri Caves is cut out from massive basalt rock. It basically means, black mountain. They are the proof there’s Buddhist influence in our art and moreover culture. From the big rock, approximately 109 caves were carved tortuously and tactically.
  • You can discover several astonishing spots throughout the caves. As you venture your way through the area, you will see canals and moreover cisterns which are part of a water system that had been designed and built to collect rainwater. This rainwater is accumulated in massive tanks.
  • The national park of Kanheri Caves moreover includes several stupas, and moreover shrines. Thoroughly carved reliefs are seen on the cave walls.
  • For the whole family, this is a good destination for a weekend picnic. The Kanheri is especially serene during the monsoon. The monsoon creates many waterfalls all over, increasing the beauty of Kanheri Caves and moreover its environment.

The national park of Kanheri caves is serene and furthermore religious with Buddhist influence. The Kanheri Caves of Mumbai provide you with a chance to glance at the unique early background of the country and this region. If you love early history and design, then you should visit these caves of Mumbai. Kanheri is very widespread for containing aged Buddhist idols and also the Buddhist scriptures on the cave walls. The national park of Khaneri Caves is located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which has a wide range of flora and fauna.

How to Reach

The national park of Kanheri Caves is about seven km from Borivli Station after you get there, and about 6 kilometers from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Main Gate. As you pay an entry fee and enter the park gate, there will be one more gate for the caves inside. From that entrance, the Caves are around 5km. Ans also the shuttle services of busses are available inside on an hourly basis.

Cave Timings

People can go in after 7.30 a.m.

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