Elephanta Caves of Mumbai

Every year millions of traveller visit Mumbai. This is India’s largest city and also considered as an economic hub. Mumbai is well known for Hindi film industry Bollywood. This city is the perfect example of modernization. But many of people don’t know that there are many historic places still exists and attracting tourist in large numbers. Elephanta Caves of Mumbai are also one of them. The all reputed tour operators of Elephanta caves tours do plan and complete the bookings of ferry rides well in advance. Even if you wish to go for luxurious rides, you could convey your demands to the reputed tour operators. There is lot to know about these marvelous sculpted caves, so the friendly tour guides do know the languages like Hindi and English. The friendly guides do see to it that you reach on time so you can enjoy the beauty and panoramic sight of cannon hill and other minor caves.

Elephanta Caves are also known as Gharpuri Caves. These caves are devoted to Hindu god lord “Shiva”. These are total 7 caves which are the combination of Hinduism and Buddhism. Out of seven, five caves are devoted to Lord Shiva and remaining two caves are based on Buddhism. In the history, this place is the capital of Konkan Maurya. During the 7th century, it comes under the rule of Rashtrakute rulers. The last ruler was the Sultanate of Gujarat. The Sultanate of Gujarat had surrendered to Portugal in the year 1534. Portuguese had given the name of “Elephanta”. Since then these caves were known as Elephanta. Portuguese destroyed the many parts of this ancient site. Local Marathi people still called it “Gharapuri”. In the time of 1970s decade, the main cave was restored back by the Indian government. In the year in 1987, UNESCO announced this site as one among of the WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

There are various sacred inscriptions present of Lord Shiva and his life journey, when you reach at the cave there is a huge statue of Shiva mediating. Even the magnificent literature written on the walls of caves do have the perseverance of deep meaning.There is various rare Buddhist stupas present here. The island in itself does have a lot of charismatic facts, the reputed tour guide do see it that you get good and pleasant memories of the trip. The reputed tour operators do even take you to the spots where you could get a perfect treat for your camera lens. Not just highlights, reputed tour guides do see to it that all your doubts are being solved.

This wonderful place is located on the eastern side of Mumbai. This historical site is present on the island which is known as Elephanta. Visitors need to use ferry boats to reach there. This journey takes an hour to reach Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India. Gateway of India is another wonderful monument which is also the Identity of Mumbai. The distance between these Elephanta Caves of Mumbai and the iconic Gateway of India is 10 Kms. November, December, January and February is the best season to visit this ancient caves. Avoid during the summers and monsoon season.These sites remain open on all weekdays (except Monday) between 9 AM to 5:30 PM. This wonderful tourist attraction is one of the most visited tourist places in Mumbai.

How to Reach:

The nearest railway station is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminals. The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminals International airport.

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