Red Carpet Wax Museum

Red Carpet Wax Museum is situated in Ghatkopar (Mumbai). It is a ideal wax Museum in Mumbai. This wax museum has more than 40 precise statues, where you can click some amazing picture with famous personalities. There are also 3D paintings in his Museum, it took more than 5 years to the makers/Artists to set up this wonderful Museum.

This Museum was opened for public from 3rd December 2016. You will get to see the statues of Politicians, Celebrities, Sportsmen, Religious, Social workers, Scientists, Innovators, etc. Also they have In-House professional photographers, who can click your beautiful pictures with statues; there are additional charges for it.

It is known to shows exactly similar wax figures of conspicuous symbols from different fields including science, governmental issues, sports and world film. In this way, take selfish with your most loved symbol, post it on the online life, and make your companions desirous.

Mumbai is a mega city driven by glamour, fame which attracts people to visit Mumbai. If you are currently in Mumbai and planning or finding a place to hangout best fun place in Mumbai, then it’s definitely going to be Red Carpet Wax Museum. It is located in Ghatkopar at R City Mall.

One can complete their whole life dream to see the statues of great artist, politicians, historic leaders, and many more at one place. The all statues are very well sculpted and nicely curated giving the real life feel.

A perfect theme is designed to every statue at their background. Right from small kids to old ones, anyone can experience and take photos with their favourite star. Y

ou must not forget to carry your camera to take a click with the stars inside. Once you visit the Red-Carpet museum you will have unforgettable impressive mark on your mind.

One of its kind museums ‘Red Carpet’ A Gallery of stars of global personalities through ‘life-like’ wax statues showcasing creations of global artists in a plush setting that gives the audience the feeling and excitement of a real red-carpet event and nowhere less that the international museums.

What’s in there :

All this public will surely be attracted to meet and click a snap with their Global and Indian Icons &Idols in life size but just in different form. Here we will have unique in the world with best artists from all the fields i.e. Politics, Social, Entertainment to record holders like Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig, Wolverine, Harry Potter, Shortest man of the world Chandra Bahadu Dangi, tallest man Sultan Kosen are few the name.

This is not justall, but we will be able to see many more addition in the forthcoming days.

You should surely come to the city of dreams and fulfil this dream at the Red-Carpet Wax Museum. It not only exhibits lifelike wax figures of prominent icons from various fields including science, politics, sports and world cinema but also gives you an opportunity to be with them for few minutes. So, take selfie with your favorite icon, post it on the social media, and make your friends jealous.


  • Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Departure Time: 10:00am – 9:00pm
  • Monday – Sunday

How to Reach

Book the cab or taxi from anywhere Mumbai location.

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