Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a beautiful structure which is been located in Mumbai; Maharashtra, India. The initial planning for the building of the Global Vipassana Pagoda started in 1997, however actual building work started in the year 2000. It is also known as the Golden Pagoda and is officially titled as Global Vipassana Pagoda. It measures approximately around 96.12 meters that are as equal to 321.5 feet. The exact location of this site lies on the near Gorai, north-west of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Global Vipassana Pagoda is a sacred place for many Buddhist devotees and many of the pilgrims travel down here to this pilgrimage site.

This place is the holiest one within other places in the world because the Burmese believes that in the past the four Buddha’s use to live within this Global Vipassana Pagoda site. The total of four Buddha’s is Kakusandha, Kassapa which represents a piece of the robe, Konagaman are presents the water filter and the last one Gautama represents the eight hairs. The construction of these was built and completed around in between 6th century to 10th century. This stupa is the oldest one, which has been preserved on the earth from around 2500 years. It is really beautiful site to be watch because the exterior and the interior both is made of gold and the architecture is been designed by the Architect Pervez Dumasia. There are many hidden history which is been not accepted by some monks.

The amazing architecture, and the unparalleled sculpture and the arts around the pagoda compose hundreds of colourful and spiritual temples, stupas and statues. The local believed that the ancient structure of the Global Vipassana Pagodawas standing since the epoch of Buddhism. The surrounding and in around of the contemporary city reveals the presence of true spirit and essence of Buddha. People believe in the theory that the soul of the Buddha is still present here as they say and believe that the five buds of lotus explored on the hill’s top are embodies as the five Buddha’s presence.

This is the great pagoda was reconstructed many times as only the hidden traces are left unchanged. The more than half of the religious placed destroyed due to the unfortunate act of God and the community have rebuilt it again. Book the tickets for Global Vipassana Pagoda in advance to get the better services and space.

Guidelines before getting into the celestial of Global Vipassana Pagoda

Time Limits: the accessible time for visitors to take pleasure of great place, starts from 6.30 am and ends up at 6:30 pm as the Pagoda opens very early but there exist the strange rule that visitors are not allowed due to some spiritual reasons.

Entrance Charge: There is no charge in attending a course but you will need to apply for the course online and penalized if you break any of their rule as the three people with ID proof always in form to catch the culprit.

Guides: Best ways to know the fact of surrounding is guides but with the handful knowledge of bargaining make your trip marvellous.

How to Reach: You can book online an auto rickshaw, cab, or local bus/train from anywhere in Mumbai. If you are planning to get down at Essel world or Gorai Creek, you should surely make use of the ferry service to reach the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Food: all the around, there are well-established and hygienic restaurants and the tea shops where you can rest for a while enjoying some of the pizzas and sandwiches, panipuri, snacks, and many more snacks items.

Dressing sense: As you are on the religious journey so it’s obvious to expose the legs as no half-pants for men and no short skirts for women were allowed. If you forget or missed to bring such clothes, hire the longyi from the ticket booth.

Bare foot: You are supposed to put the shoes outside the entrance gate as the authority has created the safe place for the shoes to be kept.

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