South Indian food at Udupi restaurants

Udupi restaurants have a tantalizing sweetness and their food is either mildly spicy or bland. The cuisine in Karnataka has its own unique flavour. The level of red chillies used in this cuisine is lesser when compared to the other food from the south. The most common dishes in this cuisine are Saaru (a clear soup like curry), Bisi Bele Bath (sambar rice with vegetables) and Mysore Pak. The food from Coorg is different from the other food items in Karnataka as it deals with only different kinds of meat. Every nick and corner of Mumbai has a food joints which serve Udupi restaurant dishes. The trend of this Udupi cuisine started many years back in Mumbai. To shed some light on those who have been serving since decades, here are a few tips that will help you pick out good south Indian Food at Udupi restaurants that serve good food:

Sharda Bhavan Udupi restaurants

A Sharda Bhavan Udupi restaurant that has been running since 1950 is remembered even today for serving authentic Mangalorean breakfasts in Mumbai city. The ambience of this Udupi restaurant is average but if you’re looking for great South Indian snacks you might as well ignore the way it looks. They have limited options to serve. The kadi-idli is quite famous here. The chutney and sambar have a distinctive taste that has been maintained since last two decades. This restaurant is located opposite Matunga Railway Station, Lakhamsi Napoo Road, Matunga East. The cost is 200 INR for two.

Ram Ashray Udupi restaurants

The Ram Ashray Udupi restaurants are astoundingly 80 years old! This Udupi restaurant is at the top only because of the excellence of food it serves here. Ram Ashray Udupi restaurants open at 5 in the morning and are popular for its spectacular dosas, spongy idlis and uttapa. Ram Ashray Udupi restaurants are located at Bhandrakar Road, Matunga East. A light meal will cost you around 40-70 INR only this is you’re in budget.  

Anand Bhavan Udupi restaurants

The Anand Bhavan Udupi restaurants has been standing for decades but has not changed in terms of taste or quality of food. This restaurant offers a wide range of South Indian dishes. The dish Bissibelli which is flavoured rice cooked in dal and other spices is value a try. It is loacated at 461/A, Ram Niwas, Maheshwari Udyan, Ambedkar Road, Matunga East. The meal costs around 200 to 300 INR for two people approximately.

Special Anand Bhuvan Udupi restaurants

Special Anand Bhuvan Udupi restaurant is another addition to the list of oldest Udupi restaurants in Mumbai. Special Anand Bhuvan Udupi restaurant serves a great variety of South Indian dishes. A meal for two will cost around 250 to 300 INR approximately. Special Anand Bhuvan is located at Opposite Bhanushali Building, Fort, and Mumbai.

Ramanayak Udupi restaurants

Ramanayak Udupi restaurants were established by A. Rama Nayak in the year 1942. This Udupi restaurant is considered to be a home away from home for South Indians who are in search of home-style cuisine here in Mumbai. All of this makes it a preferred among foodies. It is located at 1st Floor, L.B.S. Market Building, Matunga.

Cafe Mysore Udupi restaurants

Cafe Mysore Udupi restaurants is popular Udupi food joint is said to be Mukesh Ambani’s favorite. There is also a dish on the menu named after famous cricter Rahul Dravid! Cafe Mysore Udupi restaurants serves traditional Udupi cuisine and the aroma of the food lingers all across the place. Cafe Mysore Udupi restaurants is packed during office hours so you might have to share your table here. Cafe Mysore Udupi restaurants is located at 461, Durlabh Nivas, Bhaudaji Road, Opposite King’s Circle Garden, Matunga East. 

Vishwabharati Udupi restaurants

Vishwabharati Udupi restaurants are divided into two parts- one is for air conditioned sitting while the other gives a rustic street side vibe. The service Vishwabharati Udupi is lightening quick while the ambience is rather average. Vishwabharati Udupi is advisable to not try the Punjabi dishes served here, but the main Udupi dishes are a must try. Vishwabharati Udupi restaurant is at Jeewan Niwas, Opposite Railway Station, Mulund West.

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