Sardar Pav Bhaji

Sardar Pav Bhaji is Located in the busy Tardeo area of Sobo Mumbai. Sardar Pav Bhaji a pure vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai city Tardeo area as the name suggests is a complete Pav Bhaji specialist.

A non air-conditioned restaurant with a simple ambience serves what is termed as one of the best Pav Bhaji’s in Mumbai city. One will forever find a bump of Amul butter on top of the bhaji; call it the USP or call it the drawback for the diet conscious guys but it definitely adds a lot of taste to bhaji.

The Pav Bhaji no doubt has an amazing taste which the right balance of spice that tastes brilliant with the onion and lemon provided in a divide dish. Look around and you will not search a single table that does not have a Pav Bhaji on the table. Service at Sardar can be slightly be a put-off because they serve in lots with the waiter bringing in a pile of bhaji’s and then a pile of Pav’s that can serve the entire restaurant.

Priced at Rs.80, the Pav Bhaji definitely suits your pocket and more importantly your taste buds!! While you are going here, make sure to leave out all preconceived dietary notions and come with an open heart and an empty stomach. Trust us, you will not regret it.

While Sardar Pav Bhaji does rank their staple as among the best pav bhaji in Mumbai Tardeo area, the place has a large selection of local dishes on offer, most of which are Maharashtrian delicacies that create for extremely filling meals. Adding to that is the best pricing, and you get some of the most value-conscious and delish dishes in the Mumbai city. The pav bhaji is packed with flavour, the pav is slathered generously with butter, and the dish is served with onions and a slice of lemon to spice up your shoestring budget lunch.

Office-goers have frequented the place since everlastingly, and there is no cause to wonder why. This Sardar Pav Bhaji place is on this list that has more iconic items on the menu, and remains open till the wee hours of five in the morning.

The yummy Sardar pav bhaji is certainly among the best late night eats in Mumbai, but the story doesn’t end there. Be sure to try out their pav bhaji, and there is no way that you will leave disappointed. They offer the softest Masala pav and Khada Pav Bhajis in Tardeo area Mumbai that simply melt in the mouth. That not only makes it a much required after Pav Bhaji place, but also helps it increase trust amongst the daily pau bhaji customers. This one is highly economical, and super tasty. All of their ingredients are home-made, including the chilly and ginger garlic paste spruced with capsicum and coriander or masala.

Oh, and they have Jain Pav Bhaji variations too with affordable price.

How to Reach

You may option walking from Grant Road station. It takes around 7 minutes to reach there.

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