Tarapoor Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium is one of best India’s oldest aquariums in Mumbai. It is one among  the main and famous tourist attractions of Mumbai. You candiscover marine as well as freshwater fishes at the display for visitors.Named after its chief beneficiary Parsi philanthropist Mr Taraporewala, Mumbai’s most renowned aquarium is a veritable treasure trove for all marine life enthusiasts visiting the land of Bollywood. Constructed with the initial donation of Rs.200, 000 by Mr Taraporewala this towering institution has grown in size and scale since its 1951 public opening to become one of the country’s leading centres for aquatic and marine species. Reputes as one of India’s topmost aquariums the venue now falls under the purview of the Maharashtra State Government.

Tarapoor Aquarium consists of Marine organism’s exhibits, fresh water organism’s exhibits and Ornamental fish exhibits in various sizes of tanks. A large number of Mumbaites, travellers from out of Mumbai and foreign countries, educational tours visit the Tarapoor aquarium. High revenue is earned by Tarapoor Aquarium through reasonable entry fees. The Tarapoor Aquarium houses 2,000 something fishes of more than 400 different species. The total cost for renovating the complete this aquarium is around Rs.22 corer.

Renowned for its fresh water and ocean dwelling fish and other marine inhabitants, the Tarapoor aquarium consists of a main hall that is divided in to two sections. The first section measures 160 cubic feet in size while the second, smaller quarter is spread out over 2 cubic feet. The largest enclave boasts 100 species of marine life in its impressive collection including the seven coral species found in the scenic the Lakshadweep Islands which were a recent addition to the museum’s compilation. Highlights also include the aquarium’s shark and sting ray population while sea turtles, moray eels and starfish of varying sizes are also some of the venue’s more popular inhabitants. Diverse varieties of turtles are also on display in this section in addition to kite fish, sea horses, octopuses and sea flowers. Tarapoor aquarium now has 12 feet long and a 360-degree view glass tunnel. Another interesting part of Tarapoor aquarium is the special pool for children, where they can touch and feel the fish, which are harmless.

The remaining department of the Tarapoor aquarium showcases rare and stunning sea shells as well as fish fossils in its extensive collection. Fish species preserved in glass containers are also visible in this quarter that is geared to inspire and intrigue the marine biologist in each of us. Handicrafts made of sea shells and other oceanic articles are also found in here in addition to pearls and pearl jewellery which are also available for purchase on-site. Open to the public from 11am to 8pm on weekdays the Tarapoor Aquarium is open for an extended 10am to 8pm time period on Sundays. The venue is closed to visitors on Mondays and guests should also take note that photography is prohibited inside the premises.

Open Timing                    

Tarapoor Aquarium is open from Tuesday to Saturday from Morning 10.00. To evening 7.00.On Sundays and Public Holidays it is open from Morning 10.00 a.m. to evening 8.00.p.m.

How to Reach

Walking distance from Charni Road Railway station.

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